When it comes to being proper sports parents and being there for your kids, you need to make sure that you never become too overzealous. Keep in mind that moderation is key with all things in life. Also, being involved in your kids’ sports activity is a nice way of motivating them and helping them achieve their goals and dreams.

However, this can also have plenty of negative results if you get too over-involved because you will just end up ruining the youth sports experience for your kids. Don’t think it’s true? Just remember that being too pushy can have a lot of consequences:

1. Overzealous sports parents can put kids on edge

You have to understand that any games your kids participate in are all about them, not you. Sure, you can cheer for them all you want, and it will definitely help them, but you should not give in to your anger and start acting out when the team misses a pass or the officials make a call you don’t agree with.

Doing this will not only make your kids feel uneasy with you but will also affect the performance of the whole team, as most of the members will have a hard time concentrating on the game when they also have sports parents yelling in the background.


Moreover, don’t forget that creating such tension on the field will only lead to even more tension in the family environment, effectively hindering your children’s development.

2. You will end up damaging the relationship with your kids

One thing that many sports parents need to understand is that they are there to provide morale support and motivate the team, not to coach. Even if you think you know better, it doesn’t mean you’re right. If you start nagging your kids with advice different from what they received from their coach, then it will only hurt them in the long run because it will cause them to be confused.

After all, you can’t expect to instill respect for authority in your kids if you only question it yourself. Plus, your kids might end up resenting you for all the “advice” you try to push on them and for all the arguments you will inevitably get into with coaches.

Moreover, trying to force this type of advice on your kids will result in them thinking that all their worth is dictated by how well they play during the game. This is not something you want your kids to believe.

3. Your kids might end up not respecting you

Why? Because by over-doing it and acting too zealous you will only show your kids that you lack basic self-control. Moreover, if they are capable of actually handling their emotions while you aren’t, then it will only make them become disappointed in you.

Not only this but your kids might develop anxiety issues if you cause a scene at their games. They will actually be afraid to play on the field because they’ll think that if they make a mistake you will get mad and yell at everyone.

Be the sports parents your kids want you to be!

Remember to never give in to your emotions when it comes to the sports your kids are playing. Play it cool and never forget that you are there to motivate your kids’ team, not to fill your ego. This way, everyone will have the time of their life, especially your children.