Kids are learning a lot of important things when they are part of a sports team. First of all, they learn how important teamwork is for the success of the team. Then, they learn that they have to work hard if they want to be good at something. They also learn that practice makes perfect.

But this awesome sports experience kids have is sometimes ruined by parents because they tend to focus on the score. They also want to see their kids’ team win the game, seeming like they only expect the best from them.

Yet, this comes in conflict with what kids want.

Parents should try to put themselves in their kids’ shoes for just a few moments. They should imagine whether or not they would be able to concentrate at work if someone kept coming to their desk from time to time, constantly reminding them that the design needs to be perfect and according to the client’s needs.

The same goes for kids. A stressful situation will not make them perform better or even enjoy their time at practice. They will have a lousy sports experience. Instead of pushing their kids to become better, parents are actually making them dislike this activity.

sports experience

How to not make kids uncomfortable

  • Don’t tell everyone that your kids are the best. Every parents should be proud of their kids, but they should manifest that feeling without being annoying. People will probably notice that your kids are good at sports, so you don’t have to stress about it.
  • Don’t yell at coaches or referees. As a parent, you would probably be really mad if something unfair happened during a game, but there’s no need to get angry over it. Remember, it’s just a game, so relax and try to enjoy it. Your kids won’t like seeing you agitated.
  • Don’t be disappointed when your kids don’t play so well. This is probably the worst thing parents can do in this situation: Showing your kids that you’re disappointed. By doing that, you will only lower their self-esteem and make them feel worse about it. Avoid this behavior at all costs.
  • Make it about the kids. For an hour or two, parents should try to focus all their attention on their kids and not make it about themselves. It’s their experience and, if you were a kid, you wouldn’t like your parents taking the spotlight either.
  • Encourage them. Even if they missed a pass, don’t make them more upset then they probably already are. Tell them that next time they will do better.  

Expectations ruin the sports experience

The reality is that there are millions of kids in this world who are into sports. The problem is that not many of them are still playing a sport by the age of 15. When you think about it, they are still pretty young at 15.

An experienced coach once said that this is due to the fact that the parents’ expectations are set too high and the kids’ wishes are not taken into consideration.

To ensure the fact that your kids have a great sports experience all throughout their life, just remember to relax and let them have a good time, no matter the outcome of the match.